We go east to Yendi, the capital of the Dagomba people. The city has for

centuries hosted, and still hosts, the King of the Dagbon Traditional

Kingdom, the YA- Na. After being introduced to the dramatic Dagomba

history on a sightseeing tour around the city, we make a unique visit to one

of the chief’s palaces. On this tour we learn about the time before, during

and after the colonization, and visit the graves of both Dagomba and Ger-

man soldiers from the epic battle at Adibo in November, 1896.

Yendi is known for the production of the renowned Gonja cloth used for

the traditional men´s smock. We visit the weavers and learn about the

process of weaving the famous strips.

On our way to Yendi we make two stops. First to a village where we

meet the local craftspeople, farmers and fishermen who will tell us

about their lives and their production of beautiful chairs; second to

a hilltop known for a historic battle fought with slingshots hundreds

of years ago.​

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