​Handicrafts & shop

​Sewing  Apprentices

At Youth Home you will find 3 different handicrafts:

Tailoring, smock weaving and drum making.

Each workshop. established in 2006, have a professional instructor. 

The  tailoring and sewing workshop educates young people from the area (mostly girls) for free. After three years they take a test which certifies them as tailors and they are able to start their own businesses.  

Anyone is welcome to join the handicraft activities, including visitors, tourists and foreign students of music and culture, who might benefit from participating in the drum making activity to learn to repair and put new skin on drums like djembe, kpanlogo, gungon and lunga.

Youth Home runs a shop, where you can buy many differrent items, including clothing, smocks, bags, drums, paintings, etc. 

The handicraft-activities and the shop is open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

​At the handicraft shop you can buy quality products, produced by the handicraft instructors and their apprentices. The products for sale are:



​A variety of designs, like kimonoes, dresses, shirts, pants and bags made in colourful African Print produced in our sewing workshop are available or made on request.


A hand- woven male dress used for special occasions like weddings and name-giving ceremonies as well as traditional dances.  We make other designs from the beautiful handmade smock material too.

Traditional Drums:

Gungon and lunga drums. On request we also make djembe and kpanlogo drums. The Gungon and Lunga drums are the traditional drums from the Northern Region. They are very powerful drums meant for playing outdoors. 

 Drum production​

Tamale Youth Home​ Cultural Group

​State Street, former Regional Administration Road Tamale,

Northern Region - Ghana

​P.O. Box 601, Tamale, Ghana, West Africa

​Abdul-Rahaman Mohammed, Group-leader: Tel. +233 244708222 /+233 203636908

​Ibrahim Zakaria, Assistant leader: Tel.  +233 242315820

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