Friendship association​

We have a Danish Friendship association, called Tamale Youth Home Cultural Group Denmark.

The association was founded in 2011 by a network of people in Denmark with relationships with us.


Our Danish association supports us by:

- informations in Denmark and abroad about TYHCG through talks, interviews, articles, newsletters, Facebook uploads etc

- help with applications for fundraising and projects

- finding sponsorships for school fees for children in Tamale. Pt 15 sponsorships

- in 2011 sending a container to Ghana

- continuously upgrading the workshops and stage at Youth Home through membership fee's or donations

- hosting the group when visiting Denmark in a group as well as individually

- being contact organization for handling donations from Denmark to the group and its members

- recieving donations and donating fx sewing machines and sewing tool kit for the disseminated students from the sewing workshop

- building networks with other development institutions, organisations and NGOs in Denmark and abroad

The association has 50 members and is a NGO based totally on voluntary work.

The board members are in close contact with other international friends of TYHCG all over the world.



You can get membership of the association by paying aproximate 40 US$ a year

You are also mostly welcome to donate any amount of money to TYHCG through the association and they will hand it over to us in the group.

Please mail one of the Danish contact persons for membership and/or donations.

​​Chairman Lise Drewes Nielsen:


Contacts in Denmark

Chairman Lise Drewes Nielsen.

Phone: +45 25373175. 


​Vicechairman and  layout Jeannett Tankred. 

Phone: +45 4093 7764.


Member of Board and accounter Johnny Rose Larsen.


Member of Board Henriette Nordvig. 


Member of Board Lisbeth B. Knudsen. 


Member of Board Leif Thomsen 


 Andreas Birkeholm 

Jeannett and Lise in front of our sales of handicraft from our group in Albertslund, Denmark, fall 2021

Interested customer asking Lise about our activities, Couleur Cafe, Copenhagen, Summer 2022​

Tamale Youth Home​ Cultural Group

​State Street, former Regional Administration Road Tamale,

Northern Region - Ghana

​P.O. Box 601, Tamale, Ghana, West Africa

​Abdul-Rahaman Mohammed, Group-leader: Tel. +233 244708222 /+233 203636908

​Ibrahim Zakaria, Assistant leader: Tel.  +233 242315820

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