Visit Ghana

Ghana is a country well known for its hospitality and friendliness to strangers.

The region around Tamale in Northern Ghana is known for its rich and authentic culture. The Flight from Accra takes only an hour. If you go by bus , it will take ten hours.   

 TYHCG is happy to arrange travel to the North. A representative in Accra can pick you up and guide you on your travels in Ghana.

​Visit us

Everyone is welcome to visit TYHCG and take part in the activities. We are a cultural facility serving the local people as well as tourists, students of music and other visitors.

We practice dancing and drumming Monday-Friday 4 pm to 6 pm.

Our Tamale Cultural Tours organise excursions to local tourist attractions in the Northern part of Ghana, including Mole National Park, The Historic Slave Market in Salaga, The Crocodile Pond in Paga and the very old Mosque in Salaga .

Northern Ghana is famous for the traditional Dagomba culture. We can introduce you to our culture through visits to

- villages where you will meet local chiefs and clairvoyants

- local markets and traditional food 

- schools

- local producers of shea butter and pottery

- basket production

- Kente weaving

- local celebrations such as name givings, weddings, funerals and festivals.

We are able to pick you up at the airport in Tamale as well as in Accra.

​We can also help you find accomodations in Tamale.

For further information and contacts please look up Tamale Cultural Tours at this homepage.  

Tamale Youth Home​ Cultural Group

​State Street, former Regional Administration Road Tamale,

Northern Region - Ghana

​P.O. Box 601, Tamale, Ghana, West Africa

​Abdul-Rahaman Mohammed, Group-leader: Tel. +233 244708222 /+233 203636908

​Ibrahim Zakaria, Assistant leader: Tel.  +233 242315820

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