Trips Abroad 2000-2017

2000. Abdul Rahaman Mohammed stayed at IPC – International People's College in Elsinore. He has visited Denmark several times since then, doing performances, workshops and cultural activities.

2007. Abdul Rahaman Mohammed and Mutala Karim, a former group member, now teaching at the University of Legon in Accra, went to Denmark and Norway to perform and teach.

2010. Abdul Rahaman Mohammed traveled to US invited by professor Pascal Younge, Ohio State University.

2011. Eleven members from Youth Home Cultural Group visited Denmark in the project Developing traditional music and Dance in Dagbon financed by CKU and Egedal Municipality. During their stay they followed the teaching in Egedal Music School and provided workshops, performed in Vordingborg (schools and cultural center), in Ballerup (the chocolate company, Toms), Ranum High School in Jutland and at cultural houses and high schools in Jutland and the Copenhagen Area.

2013. Eight members from Youth home Cultural Group went to Denmark to join a contemporary music and dance show. The show Put Your Hands Together was financed by CKU and Egedal Municipality. In collaboration with Egedal Music School the group developed several choreographic contemporary dances which were performed  with students from the Danish music school in three performances (with 650 people in the audience). During their stay in Denmark they also arranged workshops and performances at schools and cultural centers in Jutland and Copenhagen Area.

2015. Four members from TYHCG went to Denmark. The tour was  financed by CISU and the Danish Friendship Association. The group performed at Peoples Highschool in Ranum, West Jutland and Helsingør, Folkemødet Bornholm, and various cultural events in Helsingør, Vordingborg, Birkerød, Albertslund and Sejerø.

2015. In Autumn eight members of the group went to Greenland invited by Kenneth Horsbrugh, manager of Nuuk Music School. The group performed and had workshops in schools, libraries, cultural houses etc.​

2015-2016.  Two members of TYHCG Firdaus Alhassan and Abu Sulemana attended International Peoples College (IPC) in Elsinore, Denmark. The were both granted scolarships by IPC and were supported by friends from Europe and US. 

2017.​ In Summer the group traveled to Burkina Faso and joined and performed at a festival.

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