2017-2018. A collaborative project financed by The Civil Society Fund and the Danish Friendship Association titled Cultural Awareness - a tool for sustainable development among young people in Tamale Ghana. The aim of this project is to make it possible for more young people in Tamale around Youth Home to improve their economic and better their living conditions, and to safeguard that TYHCG in the future is an example for children and young people as well. The immediate objectives are contributing to the development of TYHCG by (1) further development of the sewing workshop at Youth Home, (2) establishing an office for cultural promotion and tourism and (3) the further development of the organisation of TYHCG which combines the activities of the sewing workshop and the office for cultural promotion and tourism. The project is run in cooperation with the Danish organization. 

The project started in January 2017. Workshops and training has taken place during 2017 for the sewing workshop as well as for the tour guide group. Tamale Cultural Tours office opened at a ceremony in September 2017 and the sewing group presented their new designs.     

From the Danish company DanaWeb we recieved in 2016 a sponsorship for the creation, development and maintenance of a new homepage

In 2015 The Civil Society Fund and the Danish Friendship Association supported a trip to Denmark for four members. 

​In 2014 our group received the Danish Ambassador´s Award for being the best cultural project in Ghana.

In 2014 our group was a part of the project Singing and dance for Health together with University of Alberta. Link to

In 2012 a container was sent from Denmark through the Danish Friendship Association. In the container was: hospital equipment, computers and school furnitures.

In 2012 we visited Danmark in the project Put Your Hands Together. The group performed together with students from Egedal Music School in contemporary dances.

A collaborative project financed by Center for Cultural Development in Denmark took place during 2011-2013. A partnership between YHCG and Egedal Music School started the project Developing traditional music and dance in Dagbon. The group taught drumming and dance in 6 Tamale Schools and was a great success.


From 2007-2009 our group recieved 3 project fundings from Ghana Cultural Fund in order to develop various activities and to start contemporary music project.


​Since 2006 our group has recieved grants from Ghana Cultural Fund and The Royal Embassy of Denmark. The grant enabled the building of a new stage, renovation of the club house, the building af workshops, toilet and bathing facilities and an office with computer end printer.

Youth Home​ Cultural Group

​State Street, former Regional Administration Road Tamale,

Northern Region - Ghana

​P.O. Box 601, Tamale, Ghana, West Africa

​Abdul-Rahaman Mohammed, Group-leader: Tel. +233 244708222 /+233 203636908

​Ibrahim Zakaria, Assistant leader: Tel.  +233 242315820