Tamale Youth Home Cultural GRoup, TYHCG, in brief

​In 1985 The National Youth Council allowed a few musicians from Centre for National Culture in Tamale to use Youth Home for rehearsals, and through this the Tamale Youth Home Cultural Group, TYHCG,  was established.

Some of the former members of YHCG have achieved employment as dance- and drumming teachers in local schools, based on skills they developed at Youth Home Cultural Group. Several former members also dance for National Theatre in Accra. ​During the years many people have learned traditional music and dance in this group. Some have travelled abroad to work as dance teachers and some continue their music studies at the university level in Ghana as well as abroad.

At Youth Home you will find 3 different handicrafts. Tailoring, smock weaving and drum making.

The workshops, established in 2006, each have a professional instructor.

In 2017 the group started Tamale Cultural Tours. Tamale Cultural Tours is registrered under Ghana Tourism Authority as a limited shareholder company.  

TYHCG has been a vital part of the cultural activities in Ghana for more than twenty years.​

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Youth Home​ Cultural Group

​State Street, former Regional Administration Road Tamale,

Northern Region - Ghana

​P.O. Box 601, Tamale, Ghana, West Africa

​Abdul-Rahaman Mohammed, Group-leader: Tel. +233 244708222 /+233 203636908

​Ibrahim Zakaria, Assistant leader: Tel.  +233 242315820